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WELCOME to the Dick McShane Golf Club!

The Dick McShane Golf Club (DMGC) was started to give guys & gals, husbands, wives, and singles an opportunity to golf together in a fun, sociable and semi-competitive atmosphere.

The DMGC is an associate club of the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA), which means you can get a handicap card as a DMGC member.

The DMGC has tournaments from February through November. February, March, and April normally have one tournament per month; other months have two or three tournaments per month. The average year will have three overnight trips usually to 1) Lake Shastina/Mt. Shasta, 2) Plumas Pines/Graeagle, and 3) Empire Ranch/Silver Oak. There is also a trip to the Northeast in October.

The DMGC has 150-175 members each year. Typically there are 40 to 75 players in each tournament. Club members are allowed and encouraged to bring guests to our tournaments.

The DMGC tries to create fun and enjoyable tournaments. It is quite common for 10-20 players to gather at a nearby restaurant after a tournament for drinks and dining.

For more information about the Club, please call:

Dick McShane at 916-952-0971

Renewing and new members, please check the Messages section for details and application form!


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